Here’s how to  take control of your life...


...without being blown off course by feelings, urges or circumstances!


Welcome to a new experience of life…


Ordinary and traditional habits, therapy or coaching methods won’t ever create an extraordinary life — especially after an ostomy.

Getting (back) the life YOU want requires you to think, plan, and behave differently.

This was my experience as a (now reversed) ostomate, and also the findings of my years-long clinical research as a certified therapist and Ph.D. author.

And whether your ostomy was 1 day or 10 years ago, I am willing to bet my house you have seen that for yourself: 

Traditional self-help methods or the guidance provided after your hospitalisation haven’t gotten you very far.

(They might not even have gotten you out of the house yet!)

What you want is YOUR LIFE BACK - whether going on vacation, dating again, or fighting to get your career back…

…or “simply” being the cool parent again (as if that was easy to start with!)


The TRUTH is:


I KNOW all that (and then some!) is possible, because I have done it.

Not only myself, but I have helped hundreds of clients in therapy with me achieve the same.

And I believe you can do it too.

You just need two things:

 Practical advice on how to live your life - from appliance choice (what the hospital prescribed you might not be the best!) to what to do if you have a bowel movement and everyone in the café can hear it…

…and effective therapy methods to deal with the trauma and coach you out of self-doubt to find… well, happiness

So if you want to…

Bodily Mastery - the path out of trauma after an ostomy

…skyrocket your energy and joy

Bodily Mastery - the path out of trauma after an ostomy

…discover your personal well of untapped happiness and potential

Bodily Mastery - the path out of trauma after an ostomy

…banish negativity and ban away any fear of depression (a REAL risk for ostomates!)

Bodily Mastery - the path out of trauma after an ostomy

…build a life on your own terms, not on the bag’s terms…

….then you NEED an effective, easy-to-implement strategy, and you NEED Bodily Mastery.


Bodily Mastery

Bodily Mastery is the proven step-by-step system to manage and thrive in your life with an ostomy…


...even if you are sitting in a really dark place right now,

...have lost your job

...and couldn’t even find the inner and body strength to go for a run!


Here’s What’s Inside Bodily Mastery...


Bodily Mastery is an  8-week online course that’s designed to help you do these five things:

1. Being able to deal with speed and ease with anything appliance-related… including appliance failure!

2. Quickly build an healthy, long-lasting relationship with yourself

3. Enhance your potential like crazy so you can crush your LIFE GOALS - again and again!

4. Instantly banish self-talk and limiting belief systems

5. Master the 10-steps to unearth the  hidden happiness you’ll find in the cracks and folds of your life


Here’s EXACTLY how we’ll do it:


(The course is divided into four parts, each spanning over 2 weeks)


Bodily Mastery Practical Tips (week 1 & 2)


This is where we build your foundation - the physical props that will help you live your life on a daily basis, without worrying about that bag or an appliance failure again.

I reveal to you all the practical tips that only a fellow ostomate would have thought to look for- all approved by physicians AND blessed by relatives, friends or partners who really want the best for you!


Establishing an Enduring Relationship Between Body & Self (week 3 & 4) 


Your body doesn’t feel like yours? Or like it doesn’t belong, and certainly doesn’t obey you?

This part aims at bridging that gap! 

I help you find acceptance and even LOVE for that new body and reintegrate it into yourself, with cutting-edge coaching methods rooted in neuroscience…

…and even create an easy-to-remember personal crisis plan for, well, a crisis. You’ll never fear a betrayal of your own body again!

(We are even going to REWIRE your brain into a “can do!” mentality - no worries, I am no shaman, you are always IN CONTROL!)



Enhancing Your Potential - From Survivor to Thriver (week 5 & 6)


Okay, now we are going deep!

Having an ostomy means s in over 90% of cases having a trauma…

…and guess what? 

Most medical or therapy institutions and schools do not recognize it as such… and never treat it accordingly!

(Talking about systematic failure…)

So here, I help you self-coach yourself to heal from that trauma or depressive state… and the tools to uplevel your thinking in order to become UNBREAKABLE!

(That’s where the Kintsu Method, the art of healing yourself with gold, really comes into full swing!)


Finding Happiness (week 7 & 8)

That’s the most ambitious and amazing part of that training - and a promise I personally make to EVERY SINGLE rockstar going through my training. 

And one I never fail to keep:

That you can find HAPPINESS. True happiness. More than ever before, even.


Because most of us don’t actively seek to become happy. 

(Or if we do, we “look” for happiness, and we look in all the wrong places. Happiness isn’t something you find, it’s something you make, with your daily thoughts and actions!)

So we are going to direct your focus onto where happiness really lies, with my proven 10 steps to find the hidden gems of happiness that lie in the cracks of your life!

(Notice I said “life”, not “mind” - happiness isn’t just a thought in your mind, it’s a full-body experience that shows in the life you actually live!)



You're also going to get access to THESE SPECIAL BONUSES

Managing Ostomy Accidents – Leaks, Sleeping, Odors and Blowouts


Ostomy accidents can happen – leaks, blowouts, strong odors; you name it, if its prone to causing embarrassing situations, it’s probably going to happen at some point (sorry, but I am not going to sugar-coat things, because reality will catch up with you sooner or later... but with that special bonus, you'll be ready when reality hits!

Template for Your Personal Crisis Plan


Not only you get this amazing fill-in-the-blanks template for any kind of crisis, you will also know exactly how to come up with your perfect game plan, how to share it with the persons involved... and how to make sure you actually STICK TO THE PLAN when things go south.

From Vision (Boards) To Reality


Here you will learn to create an actionable vision board - not the kind of collage your teenage self was half proud of, half embarrassed! No, we are talking about the kind of vision board people used by people who actually get stuff done (you know them....  the Jeff Bezos and Elon Musks of this world!).


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Five Things You May Not Know About Doc Le Brocq



She has had what nobody else who is offering therapy, coaching or any kind of treatment for ostomates has:

a real, actual, ostomy (currently reversed). She lived with the bag for a couple of years... and thrived: she relaunched her counselling practice, deepened her connection with her husband to a point she never thought possible... and started what became Bodily Mastery.



She is a data nerd. All practices and exercises in her courses are backed by science, supported with beton-like clinical evidence, tested over and over again on REAL patients.



She has battled chronic bowel and adhesive disease ... while supporting her patents and clients who needed her the most: ostomates.


She cares about your success, not profit. She has taken a lot of time off from taking paying clients to bring this to life, and just wants to make this a venture that can take on itself - not to make millions.



She is ALWAYS looking for new ideas to make her programmes even better, and talks a mile a minute about them to her team. 




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