The Art of
Repairing The Broken
Self With G.O.L.D.


I genuinely believe this is the only person who "gets it". This masterclass will

make you cry, make you feel ALL.THE.FEELINGS... and you will come out a

different person at the other end of it.



The Art of Repairing The broken Self With Gold


G .. GUIDE your belief that you are more beautiful for having been broken

By: Learning to channel negative self-talk
By: Learning to forgive and let go
By: Understanding the pearl principle to free your spirit


O .. OVERCOME your feelings of bodily betrayal after trauma
By: Practical steps to healing trauma and build self-acceptance, love and awareness.
By: Learning to regulate emotions
By: Practicing resiliency

L .. LIBERATE the endless possibilities if living with an ostomy
By: Developing 10 steps to establish an enduring relationship between body and self
By: Planning and Practice self-care routine
By: Setting target
By: Dominating your goals

D .. DEMONSTRATE the distance between a victim and a thriver is shorter than you think
By: Re-wiring your brain
By: Understanding personal tools for change