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 How to ATTRACT your current partner, or a potential partner, instead of dreading intimacy - by uplevelling 10X the way YOU SEE yourself... Page 49

 One weird idea to turn your partner from a CAREGIVER back into your LOVER. Works like CRAZY, is probably controversial but I’m thrilled with the results, and so will you! 🥰  Page 62

 REVEALED! The BEST moment to have the S*X conversation with a potential partner (HINT: not what you think - you will think I am crazy, until you see why I am RIGHT!) 💥 Page 77

 Why it pays to be PREPARED for the bedroom & find joy in anticipation - s*x is supposed to be spontaneous, right? WRONG!  💜  Page 51

 Why everyone seems so OBTUSE about how you are feeling😂 - and how to respond! Page 39

 The difference between what your body does and who you are… and which one truly matters in any deep relationship (no woodoo bullsh*t here… just discoveries from hundreds of studies of marital relationships!) 💯 💯  Page 38

 Do THIS if you never want to think of yourself as “a person with a bag attached”... ever!  ✨  Page 47

 How to bulletproof your thinking so you can start your favourite activities  - again! 🦄  Page 47

 The single biggest foundation of a great s*x life (even for non-ostomates!) and love life (your friends will want to “steal” your SECRET when they see how happy and fulfilled you are with your partner) ✌️  Page 58



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