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Doc Le Brocq's most comprehensive programme to date, Bodily Mastery teaches you ALL you need to conquer your ostomy and actually... even start thriving.

Jam-packed with ultra-practical and immediately actionable advice, as well as cutting-edge therapy methods, Bodily Mastery is the product of years and years of research and client experience.


This programme bases on Dr. Le Brocq's unique, trademarked Kintsu Method and was conceived for anyone living with any kind of ostomy, as well as their spouses, partners and relatives.

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In this life-changing ebook, you really go there with Dr. Suzie Le Brocq, Ph.D.

If intimacy after an ostomy scares you, don't worry, this litt' gem will make you fall into bed with utter confidence and delight!

Trust us: IT IS POSSIBLE to have sex with an ostomy and ENJOY it, completly worry-free!

Whether your goal is to rediscover intimacy with your current partner, or with a new/future partner, this book will give you the tools and confidence you need. 

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Ostomy 101 - Finding Normalcy

This course is designed to help female ostomates connect to how they ‘feel’ living with an ostomy. It addresses how an ostomy can affect a woman’s self-esteem, confidence and body positivity (or lack thereof), and normalizes the concept of being betrayed by the body that houses them. Finally, it confronts the question of ‘can I ever really accept this?’ and encourages females ostomates to see resilience despite life feeling unfair and at times, too big to cope

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