READ THIS IF YOU THINK IT'S IMPOSSIBLE... have (and enjoy!) S*X  with an Ostomy!

Fill me in!


If you would like to get back your life, your sensuality, your sexual self with your ostomy… for real.. this could be the most exciting page you will ever read. 


I am going to reveal the NEW secrets, using the cutting-edge discoveries in psychology and therapy, that you could start applying RIGHT NOW to uplevel your life, and start enjoying intimacy (yes, we are talking about s*x!) again!


- Suzie Le Brocq, Ph.D., Therapist & Reversed Ostomate - “Doc Le Brocq”


My name is Suzie Le Brocq, a woman, a reversed – ostomate  AND a recognized therapist, Ph.D. holder, specialized in healing trauma - a rare combination (I mean, what are the odds of that even happening? :) ). 

Which explains why I was uniquely qualified AND motivated to develop the techniques you are about to discover.

When I woke up with my ostomy, I was ANGRY. . Sad. Afraid. 

Terribly insecure - how could my husband still love me when I was disgusted by myself?! (By the way, NAME, if you read this, I swear this was the first and last time I ever underestimated you!)

...I could have spent my days crying on the floor in my sweatpants: I was a young woman! In good health! 

How could THIS ever happen to me?!!!!

I was declining all invitations from family and friends… until invitations stopped coming. 

I refused to leave the house (what if I had an accident?)

I kept to the loosest, baggiest clothing I could order online, barely cared to wash my hair, and simply didn’t want to see myself in the mirror.

I HATED myself - the mess my life had become.

 Above all, I HATED my ostomy.

Someone from the hospital convinced me to join a buddy programme, where I was partnered with an older female ostomate woman who, I was told, had already worked wonders to help her buddies regain some kind of confidence in life.

Here is what she said: “You should be GLAD you have had an ostomy - it means you are still alive”. 

And I was like : “plus est in vita quam esse vivere”. THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN MERELY BEING ALIVE.


She understood as little as all the rest - my family, friends… They all told me they were so happy I was here (looking back: and I refused to see them for MONTHS after leaving the hospital). 

Let me be honest here 

If you agree with my friends, family and buddy partner - that an ostomy is a GOOD thing - you are RIGHT.

If you agree with me… then you are ALSO RIGHT, obviously (LOL). Seriously:

As an ostomate (why can’t they find a prettier word for it?!), you have EVERY RIGHT to enjoy life as it’s meant to be. The question is just to find how.

Now, back then, the only good thing about being me was that my therapist and researcher brain was still there.

It was clear that traditional support systems, the medical system… had failed. They save your life, but they don’t teach you how to live your life once you have had your ostomy.

No one tells you how to enjoy going out, or working out.

How to feel confident at work, or as a woman.

How to fall in love, or stay in love.

(and, let’s get real here: how to make someone else stay in love, or fall in love, with YOU).

And also... how to have some intimacy with a partner of the gender of your choice.

So what was a therapist to do?

I decided to TREAT myself like I would treat a particularly difficult case:

I put my lab coat back on, put my hair into a ponytail (and promptly jumped into the shower to wash it!), dove head-first into piles of research, started interviewing other ostomates…

… I reached out to top clinicians, conducted my own studies, and here is what I discovered:

Most traditional tools available to us ostomates do more harm than good… why?


Because they only re-traumatize or traumatize us further, by making us discuss OVER and OVER and OVER the very one thing we would like to forget: THAT. DARN. BAG...


...while what we want is to experience life to the fullest, with that bag being… a parentheses, an afterthought. A mention in the small print of our contract with life, nothing more.


Traditional tools make you focus on the negative : they make you reassess, over and over, why you got that ostomy, in order to lead you to acceptance (and ironically, they oftentimes fail at that too!)




While being alive is something positive to be celebrated… you have every right to WANT more.



So here is what I did:


the EXACT OPPOSITE of traditional methods. 


(Yep, my colleagues too thought I was crazy when I first started applying these to my own life… I wasn’t crazy, just desperate.)

Of course, it is hard to self-therapyeuthize yourself, so the beginnings were disappointing. But I kept on researching, on applying these techniques and refining them…

...and a few weeks later, I stood in the Sunday afternoon sun, in a DRESS, because I was taking a WALK with my husband somewhere PUBLIC, and started laughing to myself like a madwoman: 

I WAS NO LONGER TRAUMATIZED. I was out in the sun for ice cream, enjoying myself… and apart from the, ahem, logistics, had forgotten about that bag. 

I hadn’t thought about it for days, maybe weeks, actually (as I said, logistics aside).

So I reported to fellow therapists about the results (yeah, those who thought I had gone nuts)... some of them tried my exact methods on their patients. And saw them getting better, one after the other.

 That's how I knew I was onto something.

I have spent the last couple of years researching this, refining these methods, trying them one on myself and in my own marriage… then onto patients, sharing them with colleagues.


I reopened my own practice, but quickly started dialling back on my other activities so I could focus on helping fellow ostomates.


I became passionate - borderline obsessed!-  about helping people like you and me win back their life, when traditional methods and the health care system had failed us so badly... By keeping us alive, but not quite living.

And of course, once my patients start to feel better... they want to either reconnect to their partner, or find someone to share their lives with...

...which raises ONE BIG QUESTION:



Listen, if you are still reading, I know you’re interested in this information. 


And that’s because, you're probably just like me, someone who recognizes the difference between eeking out your life and living it to the fullest. And you want a simple and effective way to get your confidence back, stop seeing yourself as someone with a bag and just go back to being YOU.

Which, for you, involves intimacy with your boy- or girlfriend, husband or wife, or whatever name your darling goes by.

 And good news:

What I just outlined is . . .

 The EXACT method I've used to build back my life, FEEL MYSELF again...

...and get back into the sack.


And achieve the same for ALL my clients.


And in the process, save my marriage and even DEEPEN my connection to my husband… 

Truly, I have the feeling I am living my best life right now - bag or no bag.

You've already seen how conventional tools, the traditional health care system failed you (heck, why would you still be here otherwise?). 

And today, you have the chance to grab my exact “Kintsu method”TM to take back your life, enjoy sex, and deepen all your relationships. 


(And yes… my Kintsu MethodTM is so good I had to get it copyrighted!)

I have called my method "Kintsu", in reference to the Japanese art of mending broken pottery back by sealing the shattered pieces together with GOLD (yep, you read that correctly: GOLD!), therefore making the pottery more beautiful than ever...

...and stronger than ever.

You, my friend,  just like me, have been broken by all that has happened to you - it's not about mere "healing".

You are not just hurt, you have been BROKEN.

My Kintsu Method is really about collecting the pieces that make you up and patching them all together... and adding something to the mix that makes you UNBREAKABLE for the future.  We collect the pieces and rebuild you. 

That method is all part of a BRAND-NEW book called Survival Kit To Sexual Healing...


is the complete, step-by-step Kintsu MethodTM to 



This is a completely NEW way to build back your life after an ostomy, even if you’re raging against the bag, totally depressed and barely leaving your house right now!


So if you want to...


​Instantly shift your thinking

Grow again as a sensual, sexual woman (or, for male partners of a woman with an ostomy, better understand your wife)

Have a system to tackle dark thoughts as soon as they arise

Deepen your connection in your relationship

Start dating again

...then the  Survival Kit To Sexual Healing was written specifically for you!


Get it now - instant download!

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The Survival Kit To Sexual Healing is backed by...


 ...Clinical research

 ...Years and years of psychotherapeuthic practice





They Said What They Said:

"Doc Le Brocq’s book is a must read!"


Doc LeBroq’s book is a must read! Although I never required an Ostomy I did experience the trauma of having surgery. You know by reading this book that Doc LeBroq understands that trauma. She writes beautifully as a survivor and as a therapist. I felt her healing hand through her words. This book is so much more than the Ostomate and Sexuality. Doc LeBroq’s book is brilliant.


Patient Living with and Beyond Colorectal Cancer

"in-depth knowledge of life with an ostomy and regaining one's healthy sexuality"


It is evident through the personal anecdotes throughout this book that Doc le Brocq showcases her in-depth knowledge of life with an ostomy and regaining one's healthy sexuality. As a mother of two, I have experienced birth trauma and a negative relationship with my body, resulting in a loss of healthy sexual function. The guidance in this book and journal have helped me start my journey of self rediscovery.


- SARA C. 


"Relatable and hopeful, grounded in research but shared in a decidedly personal manner"


If you are seeking emotional healing and sexual-reconnection after experiencing ostomy-surgery, this handbook is a compassionate and informative guide to your journey.

I read the handbook as a survivor of life-altering emotional and physical trauma, and I love the honesty and humility with which Dr. Le Brocq shares about her personal experiences. The narrative in the handbook is relatable and hopeful, grounded in research but shared in a decidedly personal manner; the little doctors’ notes at the end of each chapter give the reader small instructions on how to specifically implement what has been read.

I also appreciate that there is a dual focus: the ever-important emotional healing, but also the practical nature of how to approach sex with an ostomy. I felt hopeful when I finished reading this handbook.

Also, the Self-Healing Journal that accompanies this handbook is quite compelling with its illustrations and specific instructions on how to write a journal. I have never actually journaled about my life, despite knowing about the vast scientific evidence that supports journaling as a cornerstone of healing; now I feel compelled to give it a try.


- VERA K. 




 How to ATTRACT your current partner, or a potential partner, instead of dreading intimacy - by uplevelling 10X the way YOU SEE yourself Page 49

✓ One weird idea to turn your partner from a CAREGIVER back into your LOVER. Works like CRAZY, is probably controversial but I’m thrilled with the results, and so will you! Page 62

✓ REVEALED! The BEST moment to have the S*X conversation with a potential partner (HINT: not what you think - you will think I am crazy, until you see why I am RIGHT!) 💥 Page 77

✓ Why it pays to be PREPARED for the bedroom & find joy in anticipation - s*x is supposed to be spontaneous, right? WRONG! Page 51

✓ Why everyone seems so OBTUSE about how you are feeling - and how to respond Page 39

✓ The difference between what your body does and who you are… and which one truly matters in any deep relationship (no woodoo bullsh*t here… just discoveries from hundreds of studies of marital relationships!) Page 38

✓ Do THIS if you never want to think of yourself as “a person with a bag attached”... ever! Page 47

✓ How to bulletproof your thinking so you can start your favourite activities  - again! Page 47

✓ The single biggest foundation of a great s*x life (even for non-ostomates!) and love life (your friends will want to “steal” your SECRET when they see how happy and fulfilled you are with your partner) Page 58


When to Talk About Sex

There is a time and place to discuss sex with your partner / potential partner. Waiting for the right moment to address the topic can help you get around some of those feelings of discomfort or awkwardness that can be common during sex talks.

You should also:

• Pick a neutral location. Do not talk about sexual issues in your bedroom or at bedtime. Pick a more “neutral” location.

• Avoid post-sex talks. Do not talk about sex right after having sex. Again, pick a more “neutral” time. 

• Avoid blindsiding your partner / potential partner. If you want to talk about sexual concerns or fears, let your partner know (without placing blame) that you think the two of you need to have a talk about your sexual intimacy. Set up a time to have the talk.

A Word from Doc Le Brocq It has been said that “good lovers are made, not born.” If you truly want your sexual relationship to be all that it can be with an ostomy, you should take the time to talk with one another.  Engaging in regular communication is an important component of any great relationship—and that includes talking about sex. This conversation is necessary for all couples, and it isn’t a one-time event. It’s something you and your partner / potential partner should take part in regularly. Having a healthy sex life is a great gift, and it’s to be enjoyed and nurtured. 

Unlock the full version now >>

Obviously, I’m excited about the book. It’s the most powerful guide to intimacy after an ostomy EVER PUBLISHED.

Hell, this is the first-time information of this kind is being made available to the public!

But the book is actually just the tip of the iceberg, because you're also getting . . .


An insanely practical bonus!


Wish you had the words to tell them what you need?


 Here are SCRIPTS for any conversation you need to have!

I hate being that person who tells you to do something… and yet not how to do it.

So I included SCRIPTS for practically any kind of conversation about intimacy, loving and s*x you could have with your partner, or potential partner.

This bonus will give you the “blueprint” to discuss what matters so much, without feeling awkward.

It’s a transformational method and I am excited to show you how to do it!

My free gift to you today, if you purchase the book!

Get Started Now

You can get the book alone... or the book together with its journal companion for MAXIMUM results


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Who is Doc Le Brocq, again?

Doc le Brocq is, well, a doctor (you guessed that, didn’t you?), and a therapist, named Suzie Le Brocq. Born and bred British girl who lost her heart to Canada in her twenties and has been living there ever since.

She got her bag shortly before her 40th birthday (we aren’t talking about a Chanel bag, mind you!), which could have taken her down but she decided to become a Thriver instead. Horrified by the lack of proper care for ostomates, she has drawn on all her years of practice and research AND her own experience to develop METHODS.THAT.WORK.PERIOD. to help ostomates find back to their lives and selves. Bag in tow, she reopened and scaled her practice to accommodate even more clients: throw your problems at her, nothing could ever faze her. 

 She has since lost her bag (with 30% odds of getting one again after an upcoming surgery, to be honest!), but all her energy still goes into finally offering proper care for women who have had an ostomy. 

 In her free time, you will find Doc Le Brocq merrily plodding through the mud with her husband on country walks in Canada’s most beautiful spots, and occasionally shopping at Burberry (still a bit British after all).

The “cost” of this book is $24.95, and you get it instantly as a download.

As soon as you place your order today, you’ll be sent an email confirmation with the download link where you can get it. You can access your book anywhere, instantly, without having to wait for the post office to get it to you!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering . . .


If anything else is holding you back from getting to where you want to be...

... What I want you to know is, I've got your back!

Because you're going to know if this is right for you or not in the first 10 minutes of seeing it. 

For most people, it just ‘clicks’ for them right away. But, I also don't want you to feel rushed. That's why you're 100% protected by my . . . money back guarantee!

Love it, or get a 100% refund!




I’ll be happy to send you the book to examine. 

Read it. Try it. There’s no obligation.

In fact, if you don’t start feeling better, and start feeling EXCITED about intimacy, your marriage, or dating, within 30 days...– I’ll promptly return your money. No delays. No excuses. 


This is the fairest way I know to prove to you how well this new book works. 

(You know what? I will even eat the credit card transaction fees!) 


All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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A bit of big talk here...


Today, you are worried, sick... you feel alone, or disconnected from your partner. Maybe you ARE really alone and single.

In six months from now, if you do nothing, you will still feel alone and disconnected - or close to it:

Sooner or later, once the health issues that led or are surrounding your ostomy have been settled... life will get back to a normal. Albeit a new normal.

And if you are currently in a relationship, normality more often than not includes intimacy, every so often.

If you are looking to get into a relatinship, it will at some point raise the big s*x question.

So what are you waiting?

If you are dreading intimacy right now - what do you have to lose? Maybe a bit of reading time?

(I get it. I am no Shakespeare... but trust me, I am good at deliverying helpful information.).

Helpful information about s*x and intimacy: this book is fully-packed with it. Including exercises, thought experiments, and BIG questions.

It is also full of hope and encouragement. 

I stand 100% by these methods. All my clients have experienced success (that is, s*x!) with them.

What do you have to lose?


Get Started Now

You can get the book alone... or the book together with its journal companion for MAXIMUM results


Book only

$ 24.95



Yes I want that book! >>



Book + its journal companion 

$ 24.95 + $19 = $43.95



Yes I want that book! >>

The results you get with my methods will vary, depending on… the work you put in (obviously), your current mental state (heavy depressions take longer to heal… but I promise they do heal and that my methods will HELP, I can’t just not predict by how much, or how long it will take!), and to be honest, especially while dating, some people are just jerks and should be avoided - but for any frog you will kiss (or not kiss), there are great partners around. I promise.


Which means that… you recognize and agree that I have made no implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees whatsoever to you about future marriage or dating prospects :) with respect to your purchase of Doc Le Brocq products, and that I have not authorized any such projection, promise, or representation by others.



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